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Coaching with Insight Leadership

Our coaching approach is based on self-awareness and accountability as the means to help our clients reach their goals and objectives. Our model is designed to take full advantage of the strengths and values of the client while efficiently addressing attitudes and behaviors that get in the way of creating results.

Traditional coaching is often approached from a positional perspective — i.e., coaching individuals in regard to their goals, objectives, personal style, etc. Coaching that’s expanded to include a “self” perspective places the individual at the center of the coaching practice and leverages the power of self-awareness to resolve issues relating to specific situations or position. A coaching partnership with Insight Leadership will help take the action necessary to create the positive change you want in a supportive and challenging environment. Plus, our coaching programs for individuals, executives, leaders and teams will also provide you with:

  • Focus on Personal Insight: Develop a stronger awareness of your internal resources and strengths and leverage them to create the outcomes you desire.
  • Partnership for Results: Define your personal goals and create the shifts and transformation you envision.
  • Structure for Accountability: Commit to taking action and assume ownership for your thoughts, decisions, actions and results.

We offer face-to-face and telephone coaching services, including hour-long, half-day and full-day sessions. Please call (541) 344-6448 or email us to schedule a free interview to determine if our approach is a good fit for your coaching needs.