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Executive Coaching

Our Executive Coaching Program is designed for senior executives and top-level managers who understand that change must occur at the individual level and are willing to do the demanding work of identifying the shifts they need to make personally in order to affect the collective change they want in their organization.

Executive coaching can provide a focus on results that other forms of organizational support simply can’t. As with all of our programs, our executive coaching program focuses on the client at the individual level rather than simply through the lense of their position or authority. From the “self” perspective, we’ll work with you to identify the attitudes, beliefs and actions that produce high-level results and those that are getting in the way of success. And we’ll challenge you to stop managing around your limiting beliefs and address them directly.

An executive coaching partnership will help you discover the answers to the key questions that impact your individual leadership abilities, including:

  • What is your vision for yourself and your organization?
  • What changes are necessary to take your organization to the next level of success? How might you be contributing to the current dynamic?
  • What are your beliefs about yourself and how others perceive you? How do these beliefs get in the way of your, and your organization’s, success?

We offer face-to-face and telephone coaching services, including hour-long, half-day and full-day sessions. Please call (541) 344-6448 or email us to schedule a free interview to determine if our approach is a good fit for your coaching needs.