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Personal Coaching

Our Personal Coaching Program is for individuals who are looking for a greater sense of meaning and purpose, a life that’s aligned with their values and stronger results — both personally and professionally.

You may be looking for a greater sense of fulfillment that seems beyond your reach or you might have specific changes in mind, such as increased job satisfaction, improved inter-personal relationships or perhaps even a career change. If so, our coaching programs will help you get in touch with your deepest ideals and create a life that’s aligned with your values. Staying focused on personal awareness, accountability and results, we’ll assist you to cut through limiting beliefs and unproductive behavior and take the action necessary to make the shifts you desire. The end result is achievement you can be proud of and an overall sense of priorities and balance in your personal and professional life.

A personal coaching partnership will help you address the key beliefs, thoughts and actions that impact your ability to create the results you desire, including:

  • Are you clear about what you really want — in your life, your relationships, and
    your job?
  • How are your attitudes, judgments and perceptions impacting the results in your life?
  • What’s the most effective way for you to create the positive change you’re looking for, personally and professionally?

We offer face-to-face and telephone coaching services, including hour-long, half-day and full-day sessions. Please call (541) 344-6448 or email us to schedule a free interview to determine if our approach is a good fit for your coaching needs.