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Team Coaching

Our Team Coaching Program is designed for teams who want ongoing assistance to improve leadership, decision making, delegation and accountability. It provides the foundation for engaged and committed team members who are aligned with your vision and understand their role in creating a high-performing organization.

Ongoing reinforcement and support is a critical component of creating sustainable change so our team coaching program includes quarterly coaching sessions and check-ins with the team. We’ll meet with you prior to each session to better understand current team and organizational challenges and design the next program to produce the desired outcome. And to guarantee tangible and measurable results, your custom coaching roadmap will provide a multi-prong approach that integrates training on key leadership and management skills with real-time working sessions that motivate team members to put key learnings into action immediately. Each team coaching session includes:

  • Training topics that focus key attributes and skills of effective leaders and managers.
  • Working sessions where the team takes a real-time issue or organizational project and use the insights they gained during the training session to address the subject.
  • Focus on results ensures team members take accountability for implementing personal, team and organizational change that drives positive outcomes.

A team coaching relationship can span over a period of 12 – 18 months or longer depending on the specific goals and objectives of the team. And this program can be expanded to include face-to-face coaching sessions with individual team members who want additional help with specific concerns. Contact us at (541) 344-6448 for a free consultation on how team coaching can help you and your team create the positive results you desire.