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Leadership Development Program

Leadership is an ongoing process that over time reveals limiting beliefs and unproductive attitudes that we might otherwise skirt or avoid. Good leaders acknowledge this. Great leaders invite the work that comes with it.

Leading from True Center

The Leadership Development Program (LDP) is a challenging and interactive workshop for those in your organization who are ready to step-up to the next level of accountability and leadership. It’s a multi-dimensional exploration of leadership, starting and ending with “self” — the personal attitudes, beliefs and actions that produce high-level results, and addressing those that get in the way of success.

Participants develop new leadership skills that are applicable when working 1:1 with an individual, facilitating a session with a small team, or leading a large group. Plus, they discover how to:

  • Become accountable, authentic leaders, mentors and coaches.
  • Create agreement and enrollment with individuals and groups.
  • Structure and facilitate successful interactions that get to the heart of the matter and result in intended outcomes.

Customized to Meet Individual Goals

LDP is rich with material and designed with an open agenda to provide enough time to work with people individually and address relevant issues that emerge. Throughout the training, participants will be encouraged to use the tools and specific feedback they receive as they practice coaching and presentation skills in real-time situations. Personalized assignments will be provided to help them address specific areas of development. And they’ll leave the training with a deeper understanding of their distinct leadership capabilities, regardless of their position within the company.

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