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LDP Participant Quotes

Quotes from Previous Participants in The Leadership Development Program

“The Leadership Development Program was one of the best investments I’ve ever made. I’m excited to use my heightened awareness of my own authenticity as I lead others — in conversations, meetings, group facilitation, and more. What I learned during the training is impacting all areas of my life in wonderful and challenging ways. LDP was an amazing beginning to the ‘next chapter’ of my life and it’s exhilarating to consider all the potential!” C. Crawford, MA, Organizational Effectiveness Consultant, Learning & Organizational Development, Kaiser Permanente

“The Leadership Development Program exceeded my expectations. To a person, the participants light up and say ‘amazing’ or ‘incredible’ when talking about their experience. Only two weeks after the training, they have already made a huge impact on the company. I just returned from the best General Manager’s conference we have ever had. One of the key reasons for the success was the extraordinary contribution made by LDP grads.” M. Mack, CEO, Garden Fresh Restaurant Corp.

“LDP is a fabulous program that’s well worth the investment. It’s an amazing opportunity for growth in both the professional and personal arenas. I plan to use what I’ve learned to strengthen my relationship with myself, my family, and my professional contacts. I recommend this program to anyone who has reason to improve their personal interaction with others.” N. Heupel, Brand Manager, Nymonix Corp.

“I came away from LDP with extraordinary insights that are transforming the way I work. I’m using my new awareness of the power of intention to drive the results I want. And I am more confident in myself as a creative and effective leader who inspires others. I now know that when I step into my authentic self and leverage my strengths — it works!” S. Cooper, CEO & Founder, Cooper

“There is a huge difference between ‘knowing’ about leadership and actually ‘being’ a leader. I now realize that leadership isn’t a position, it’s a state of being and authenticity and vulnerability are key. Anyone, in any position, would benefit from The Leadership Development Program.” P. Gayson, Assistant Vice Principal, Pioneer Middle School