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Shared Vision, Mission and Values

A clear vision, succinct mission and shared values are the key elements of high-performing organizations and teams. They inspire and motivate employees to bring their best to the organization by providing the picture of future success, the operating focus for the present and the guideposts for how the organization will work together for success.

Lay the Groundwork for High Performance

This program builds employee alignment and commitment through the development of a clear and compelling vision and mission that guide priorities and results. Plus, the shared values inspire, motivate and engage employees in achieving the goals necessary to reach vision and mission.

Vision: A vision statement is a clear picture of what the organization aspires to be or become in the future. It describes what the leadership deeply cares about and what the organization looks like when the vision is achieved.

Mission: A simple, compelling statement that describes how the organization is going to operate in order to fulfill the vision. The vision is the place we want to go or the journey we want to take; the mission is the roadmap that guides us as we travel there.

Values: The key ideals that are the foundation of the organizational culture. They are the shared beliefs and agreements that guide behavior and provide a blueprint for how individuals within the organization will conduct themselves.

Agreements: The behaviors that transform the values into action. The rules of engagement that define how individuals will interact with each other, customers and stakeholders to accomplish the mission and fulfill the vision.

This session can be expanded to include the definition and ratification of annual goals, short-term deliverables, and ongoing tracking mechanisms to ensure bottom-line results.