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Leading Organizational Change

Today’s leaders recognize the necessity of change for ongoing success but find it difficult to create sustainable change in their organizations. Even with a solid strategy, implementation is often delayed and employee resistance is unexpectedly high. That’s because many organizations focus on the process of change and overlook the human-side of change.

Navigate Organizational and Personal Transition

Our Change Management* training programs will help you implement successful organizational change and guide employees through difficult transitions. These two courses, based on the William Bridges Transition Model, help individuals manage the change they are facing in organizations and provide managers with the skills necessary for leading their teams through a successful transition process.

Managing Organizational Transition: This day-long program will help managers gain the skills necessary for leading their teams through a successful transition process. During this interactive workshop managers will learn how to:

  • Improve time to ROI and mitigate the drop in productivity by guiding employees through difficult transitions.
  • Coach people to let go of the way things were done in the past and embrace the new way things will be done in the future.
  • Help employees leverage transition as a time of creativity and innovation.

Individual Transition in Organizations: This four-hour program helps individuals manage the transitions that are created by the changes they are facing in their organizations. During this four-hour program, participants will learn how to:

  • Develop the resiliency to manage change with less disruption and distress.
  • Let go of they way things were done in the past and get on board with the proposed change.
  • Capitalize on the creativity and innovation associated with transition.

Gain the skills necessary to ensure the success of your organizational change efforts. For a free consultation on how to better manage the change going on in your organization, contact us at (541) 344-6448.

* Insight Leadership LLC is certified by William Bridges and Associates to deliver Managing Organizational Transition and Individual Transition in Organizations training programs.