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Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is the basis of any successful business, whether it’s a new venture or an ongoing organization. Clarifying your business strategy, defining your unique value and ensuring your products meet customer needs are key steps toward creating success.

Build the Foundation for Success

While the preparation and ongoing review of a strategic plan is an absolute business necessity, you may find yourself so busy managing day-to-day issues that you don’t have the time or resources to focus on longer-range planning. If so, Insight Leadership can help you prepare, design, facilitate and finalize your strategic plan or planning process.

We’ll help you identify who should participate, what information they would provide and what additional data you’ll need on industry trends and customer needs. And we’ll encourage you to include people from various levels and departments within your organization to build employee agreement and commitment with your ultimate strategy, goals and objectives. Here’s a list of the activities and results you can expect from Insight Leadership at each stage of the strategic planning process:

Prior to the Planning Session: We’ll partner with you to make sure you have the right people, information and processes in place to develop an in-depth and integrated plan. Activities include:

  • Interview key staff members to identify information necessary for the session and create templates/ forms for pre-work from each functional area.
  • Design the planning session, including the development of the agenda, consolidation of pre-work information from team, and presentation materials for the day.

During the Planning Session: We’ll facilitate the session with staff and stakeholders, keeping people on track and on task while providing time for discussion and brainstorming. Activities include:

  • Build engagement and enrollment; determine decision making process; establish foundation of accountability and intention.
  • Document the details of the session and provide tracking mechanism for ongoing input and ideas.

Following the Planning Session: We’ll incorporate and summarize comments/ideas into a consolidated document that can be used as the foundation for the final plan. Activities include:

  • Assist in drafting the final plan for ratification and implementation.
  • Provide an excel-based tool for tracking of ongoing commitments and deliverables.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you take the strategic steps that will ensure your ongoing business success.