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Optimize the Power Within Your Teams

While most teams have the skill and talent to meet timelines and create results, they may lack the understanding or commitment to take action and reach shared goals.

If you know your team has what it takes to perform at a higher level, our team strengthening programs can help address the attitudes and behaviors that negatively impact team performance and help team members commit to the high-leverage actions necessary to achieve their goals. These programs range from a team building session for a new team; to a workshop on improving team communications and dynamics; to a coaching partnership with a team who wants ongoing assistance to improve leadership, decision making, delegation and accountability. Partnership with Insight Leadership can help you:

  • Build commitment. Engage your team in creating the high-performance results you know they’re capable of producing.
  • Improve teamwork. Overcome unhealthy team dynamics and develop positive interactions and agreements that improve performance and teamwork.
  • Inspire action. Motivate your team to take action and reinvigorate progress on a potentially stalled strategic goal or program.

What You Can Expect: During our interactive sessions, we focus on personal and collective accountability in resolving team issues and we challenge team members to take risks and make positive change in themselves and their interactions with others. The result is accountable employees who commit themselves to not only their own success, but that of the team as well.

“Thank you! The leadership team now has a strong sense of clarity and unity with our shared vision and mission. Our level of engagement and openness with each other is huge! We can now go places and accomplish things we did not consider possible before.” K. Franklin, Field Services Administrator, WA Department of Vocational Rehabilitation

Contact us to learn more about how our Team Strengthening Programs can help you optimize the power within your team to achieve measurable results. We’re committed to building value-based relationships with our clients and we guarantee your satisfaction with our programs and services.